Cheering for the Home Team

Calibre Custom Homes believe your home should be a reflection of what you love.

Toowoomba and the Darling Downs is where you’ve chosen to settle, and now is the time to reflect your love of this community by supporting its local artisans.

In 2022, small businesses across Toowoomba and the Darling Downs have had to grapple with the effects of flooding, storm damage, supply chain shortages, staff in isolation and being Covid-positive themselves. It’s hardly been a smooth journey! Despite this, our local artists doggedly continue to do what they do best; create beautiful art and homewares that reflect the unique beauty of our region and her produce. It’s time to start cheering for the home team!
Make your space your own and embrace the distinctive appeal in a hand-crafted piece of art from a local craftsman. There are several places we recommend where you can support our local community:

  1. Toowoomba Farmers Markets (held each Saturday from 7am, under the windmills at Cobb ‘n’ Co museum, cnr Lindsay & Campbell Streets) This market is choc-filled with local candle makers, basket weavers, leather workers, brazier and furniture creators, as well as coffee and bakery treats, and fresh from the farm produce.
  2. The Store Room Toowoomba (2/111 Campbell Street Toowoomba) These ladies proudly showcase talented local and Australian designers and creators. Linen, homewares, preserves, serving ware; they have it all! They also make an amazing cup of coffee so you can take your time to linger and browse.
  3. The Handmade Collective (Grand Central Shopping Centre)A brainwave of a candlemaker and earring designer who met at the local markets, The Handmade Collective offers a collaboration of a rotating group of artisans, designers and creators from the Darling Downs offering an array of products – all proudly handmade.

While it serves to bring beauty into your home, supporting a local artisan is investing in their business and in turn they invest back into your local community; whether it be through their kids’ soccer club, or school fete, or possibly at your business!

Renounce mass-produced items and start hunting for considered investments for your home, made with love by local artisans. We are sure they may be treasured for a lifetime.

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