Declutter: This one word has created a movement – looking at you, Marie Kondo – that has captured the world’s attention! A quick google search quickly brings up a plethora of how-to videos and blogs and tips.

Certainly, we can all be sure we have some items we could part with, but what if the clutter was trying to tell us something – what if we are trying to fit our lives into a space that is just not built for the way we do life? For example:·        

Piles of clean washing overflowing in baskets in the living room as you don’t have enough wardrobe or linen closet space.·        

Sneakers are being tripped over at the back door because you don’t have a place to store your muddy shoes after a trail run.·        

Electronics and chargers are left all over the floor of the lounge because there is no free power point – a charging station would be helpful.        

Dirty clothes left in the bathroom may indicate space is needed for a clothes hamper.·        

Piles of books are stacked around the house because the resident bookworm needs better book storage.        

The recycling is cluttering the bench as you need better waste management sorting.

So next time you trip over the clutter, instead of just removing it, first assess it – what is it telling you about how you live your life?

Remember, you are not average, your life is not from a cookie-cutter production line, it’s YOUnique! Why try to cram your life into a house plan – designed for a life you don’t lead? Wouldn’t it be better to design a home that fits your YOUnique life?!

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