You’ve taken the bold step to be free with your choices and design a home that really suits your lifestyle. At Calibre Custom homes, we believe that what we should build is what YOU want.

Start by looking at how you use your home. Once we have an idea of what you need, then the designing and decorating and fluff comes in. But first – we need the basics.

What do I actually NEED?

A media room was a must-have in the last decade, but as media becomes more accessible to our computers and devices, a room like this is becoming less used. However, you may be a family that meets to watch the footy on the big screen each week! Trends don’t dictate how you live your life!

Maybe try this activity to track the space you currently use: Shut the doors of each of the rooms in your home, and only open them (and leave them open) if you use them for more than 30 minutes in one setting (exclude bathrooms from this – some rooms just need a closed door!). At the end of two weeks, check and see if any doors were left closed. This simple activity often shows that we use a smaller percentage of our home than we expected. For example, formal areas, second living spaces, extra bedrooms.

Rethink the space.

If you don’t need it, don’t build it! You can then redirect those building funds toward improving the space you will use, or designing for an area you are missing, but need.

Remember, you are not average, your life is not from a cookie-cutter production line, it’s YOUnique! Why try to cram your life into a house plan – designed for a life you don’t lead? Wouldn’t it be better to design a home that fits your YOUnique life?!

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