You’re thinking about building and begin to gather ideas from social media about what you like. However, while scrolling through design, architecture and building trends you quickly become confused.

An architecture site advised that archways were around for the next decade, but a home design brand described them as outdated and “on the way out”. An interior design blog assured you that industrial chic was dead and buried – “don’t show me another concrete floor!”, while a home-wear brand’s site awarded it top marks for the most durable trend for the decade to come, declaring it: “beautiful and able to take a serious beating!”.

If even the “experts” can’t agree then how do you know where to start? Who should you listen to? Where should you begin?

Well, the answer is – stop looking at what someone else tells you is right for you! When you walk through a display home, a lot of time is spent on home staging – why? They are trying to sell you the idea, the image, the fantasy, of you in that home. But they don’t know what you are like, or how you do life. So, they sell you the average. A cookie-cutter average home for a cookie-cutter average life. But therein lies the problem, for you are not average, your life is not from a cookie-cutter production line, it’s YOUnique!

Why try to cram your life into a house plan – designed for a life you don’t lead? Wouldn’t it be better to design a home that fits your YOUnique life?!

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