You LIGHT up my life!

When making Lighting selections for your renovation, extension or new build it can become easy to get lost in the overwhelming array of options. Read on for handy hints to help you get ready to select like a pro!

By the time you are ready to choose lighting, you will have already made several selections for your build, and your theme for your home is beginning to grow.

Your flooring is like the backdrop, then you have your cabinetry and fixtures and lighting is what makes your choices come alive – getting it right is important!

Before you hit the lighting shop – questions for your Builder:

Before you hit the lighting shop it is helpful to know your budget for lighting. You will also need plans, not just floor plans, but also ceiling heights, windows and doors measurements. 

Taking your time – what to remember: 

You will also need to know the plan for each room – is it work or play? Different areas in your home require different lighting choices according to the purpose of the room, and also the colours chosen for the room. Traditionally, warm white is for relaxation areas such as bedrooms, hallways and living spaces, where it pulls oranges and yellows out of base colours. Cool white is for workspaces like kitchens, laundries and office spaces and tends to be brighter or sharper.

Food for thought:

Some spaces have dual purpose, like open plan living spaces with lounge and kitchen side-by-side. It is important to choose your lighting carefully in this space. For example, a kitchen with white cabinetry and wooden flooring could have a cool white light as the warm tones in the flooring would prevent it from being too sterile, but the same cabinetry with light, grey tiles could feel cold and hospital-like!

Top tip: bring your colour palette with you. Your choices for flooring, benchtops, fixtures and paint colours are all required to ensure the lighting colours are within tone.

When it comes to lighting design – practical space is usually the only limitation. There are no set design rules, only recommendations, guidelines and traditions.

Remember; your home is to be built your way, so do your research, chat with your builder and lighting designer, and take your time so you too can LIGHT up your life!

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