“You can dance, you can jive, having the TILE of your life.”

When making tiling selections for your renovation, extension or new build it is easy to get lost in the overwhelming array of options. So, here we provide handy hints to help you select like a pro!


Not sure of what tiling you like? Where to start:

Begin by doing your research, and compile a collection of tiling you love. You can use magazines, create a mood board, or use a digital platform like Pinterest. Collect styles, colours, ideas, themes and tastes and bring this with you to the tile shop to make your selections.

TOP TIP: Remember your house plans! It is so helpful for the person assisting you to know what areas you are looking to tile, as dimensions (particularly for smaller rooms like powder rooms) can affect the size of tile suitable.

Before you hit the tile shop – questions for your Builder:

Before you hit the tile shop it is helpful to know what your tiling budget is. If you are already at contract stage, bring your builders specs with you. This gives the tile shop an idea for the price range and what the builder has allowed for laying of the tiles, including areas to be tiled, height up the wall to be tiled. This information helps you choose tiles that fit your budget; for example you may opt for a cheaper tile in one area, to splurge on a more expensive feature tile elsewhere.

Don’t rush the process – what to remember:

When you choose your tiles, lots of questions will be thrown at you!  You will be choosing tile colours, types of tiles, tile heights and placements as well as grout type and colours… it can feel like a lot of decisions in a short space of time!

TOP TIP: Take your time. Allow sufficient time to ask lots of questions, and don’t be afraid to take your time to think it over.

Remember; your home is to be built your way, so do your research, chat with your builder, and then take your time so you too can have the “tile of your life!”

(Thanks to our friends at Concept Tiles Toowoomba for the fabulous flat-lay tile image!)

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