What are the benefits of a CUSTOM builder?

Our business is built around the concept of creating custom homes for our clients.

There is no mass production line, with no two designs exactly alike, which results in a home which is a unique reflection of our client’s individual needs, wants and desires. Let’s unpack exactly how we build your “custom home”.

Design Phase:

We don’t have a list of cookie-cutter designs you can use, ranked by pricing, with set packages and narrow choices! Instead, we offer plans on our website for your inspiration, which you are free to modify, adjust, and change to suit your block of land, your family needs and your personal lifestyle choices. But you don’t have to start there! You may have a completely new design concept, which we would love to explore.

The Calibre team welcome out-of-the-box thinking!

Meeting Phase:

You meet with Carl; the owner of Calibre Custom Homes with over 20 years of building experience. How refreshing, to meet with the leader of the pack, and not a sales person meeting targets! Some of the many benefits of dealing directly with Carl include: experience, creativity and inspiration. Not sure how to articulate what you’d like? Or perhaps you are feeling nervous it might not work? Carl can even share photographs of previous builds to give you a fresh visual for ideas of space and design.


Choice Phase:

The FUN part! All your flooring, tiling, tapware, lighting and hardware solutions are sought from local suppliers who are part of our local Toowoomba Community. Carl allows a generous budget in your building quote so you can choose that statement light fitting that captured your eye! Your selections are therefore a reflection of your taste and style – and are not limited to a choice of three from a list of bulk-bought cheap items.

When you build with Calibre, you get to choose what you love!


Construction Phase:

The advantage of having initially liaised with the “head honcho”means Carl will often head to your building site, keeping an eye on the quality and nipping any potential problems in the bud – before they have a chance to be a problem! Sometimes a build isn’t quite turning out the way he thinks you want, so he can make alterations on site to ensure the overall quality and scope of work is continuing according to your desired outcomes.


Finish Phase:

Carl has a team who are committed to an exacting standard of work – throughout your build. This means you are left with a high quality finished product – your dream home! – without the stress. How lovely is it to walk into your new build and have enjoyed the process to bring it to life.


“We heard lots of stories before building that it was going to be awful, and if we did it once, we’d never want to do it again, but that was not our experience. We found it to be pretty stress-free, pretty enjoyable and I think that was down to the fact that we picked a good builder.”   The Thomas Family

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