“Turn the HEAT around!”

With winter bringing strong westerlies and icy temperatures, Toowoomba families quickly head indoors to stay warm! 


There are many ways to heat your home, from reverse cycle units, fireplaces, ducted air conditioning, under floor heating – the options are seemingly endless.

Whichever heating option you use, it is important to pair it with savvy solutions to retaining heat. This will save you money and help maintain your home’s temperature more efficiently.

Here are our top 5 ways to save money on heating costs this winter!

  1. Firstly, if you know a new heater is required, consider purchasing out of season. You are often able to save on the retail cost, simply by buying old, or pre-season stock. 
  2. Once you have your heater, don’t let that warm air escape! Hot air rises, so any warmth is lost through your home if your ceiling cavity is not insulated. Additionally, consider window coverings. While curtains are a popular, readily available and cost effective choice, there are many new products on the market that also offer insulating properties. You may like to try plantation shutters, roman blinds, or roller blinds. 
  3. As that warm air rises, turn on your fans! It seems counterintuitive to create a breeze, but if your fans have a reverse direction option, use this to help move that warm air from your ceiling back around your room.
  4. It is tempting when the westerlies blow to crank up that heating to a balmy tropical temperature, but with every degree you climb the more energy you pull, and the more expensive it becomes to run. Try a steady 20℃ – you might still need your jumper on inside, but your electricity bill will be smaller! 
  5. Be thoughtful about turning on your heating. Only heat rooms you are actually using, and while it might sound obvious to mention, only use the heater when you really need to. Perhaps pop on some socks or a jumper, before you rush to heat the whole house!

And one last bonus tip: Clean your heater!

If you store your heater in the shed out of season, be sure to dust it well before you turn it back on. Dust + Heat can equal a fire hazard. If the heater has had a long period without use, it would be wise to also have it tested by an electrician. Most sparkies (electricians) offer a test and tag service for small appliances. Don’t forget: reverse cycle air conditioners require their filters to be cleaned regularly to work optimally, and many heaters now come with filters to ensure air quality. Wood fireplaces also require the flue (chimney) and the box to be cleaned.

Keeping your heater well maintained will ensure maximum performance, air quality, and energy efficiency.

Now get that heating going, follow these tips and snuggle up with a cup of tea!

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