Let’s be clear – the Calibre approach is Your Home Your Way.
While some of us love the simplicity of neutral tones and succulents, there are also those of us who tend to steer towards the more flamboyant vibe – queue the Maximalist style!
While Minimalist is still definitely on trend, the emergence of bright greens, yellows, blues and reds on walls and front doors (thank you, Europe!) has opened a new doorway (see what I did there?!) for the bright and the colourful. As we mentioned, this style is not for everyone. Like olives, it’s can be polarising in taste, but we feel it’s important to be inclusive for all styles and this is definitely a trend one cannot ignore!
At first glance, clashing patterns and bright opposite colours look like chaos, but the actuality is a very cleverly put together with a lot of thoughtfulness and planning.
If you’re not quite bold enough to embrace the full look but love the creative look of the Maximalist style, here are some starting points to help get you in the general direction.

1. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’d be lovely to come home after shopping for only one day with a ute load of all the perfect furniture, furnishings and decorative pieces. Unfortunately, for most of us, the reality of such a shopping trip is as likely as a flying horse.
This kind of exercise takes time. It takes thought and planning. It takes a generous budget!
So, start with one section of your house at a time. A corner of your lounge room, an outdoor area, or the nook near your kitchen. It will not all look like a Pinterest House immediately, but it will get there.

2. Pick your 4!

Pick 4 colours that you want to stick to. Then keep to these and their related hues. There are many, many colour palettes to choose from. If you only have one colour in mind, google colour palettes with that colour – then pick your favourite option and Robert’s your father’s brother!

3. Take your time finding those killer statement pieces.

Get that Pinterest board busy! You can collect as many ideas as you like before buying something! It’s really worth investing the time into working out what pieces you really love, rather than buying something you are mediocre about and it’s purchase purely from convenience.

4. Who else lives in the home?

I find it odd when one resident dictates their style to all other residents of the home!
If you live on your own, then go for it.
However, if you have other household members living with you – be mindful of others in your vibrant explosion of colour. In some spaces, it’s ok to keep the pops of colour to a minimum so that other members of the household can not feel overwhelmed and still also enjoy their little piece of sanctuary.

5. Functional can still be beautiful!

Once you have an idea of what you want a piece to do and look like – do not despair! You may not find it at a furniture store, but the good storekeepers will steer you towards a local custom designer/creator. There are many custom upcycling/upholsterers and cabinet makers who will build what you are looking for – just scroll through most social platforms and it’ll come up! (Then you won’t be able to stop seeing them, as many will follow you around the internet with retargeting)
At the end of the day, To Thine Own Style Be True. It’s ok to appreciate other styles, but Your Home should be Your Way. What makes a beautiful sanctuary for you and your household?

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