Building your home, it can be scary not knowing what to expect! We’ve all heard stories of renovation budgets blowing out and new homeowners not getting what they wanted the first time. There are also the stories of house builds that take 6 months longer than expected to complete. Most of the time, this is due to poor planning and rookie errors.
Experienced builders get it right the first time and make sure they have the right team working with them! One perfect example of people we love to work with are local architects like Stephen Sims from Sims White Architects. We’ve chatted with Stephen and here are a some frequently asked questions that we get when chatting building design.

What’s the difference between a draftsman and an architect?

A draftsman focuses on house plan drawing, an architect is trained to take into account all aspects of a building project. Site conditions are all taken into account when designing your perfect home. Elements like:

  • aspect and slope

  • the relationship to the street front 

  • surrounding neighborhood 

  • whether you’re building an investment property or your forever home 

Thinking ahead makes a big difference down the track!

Using a holistic approach and Master Planning, architects stage your build from start to finish. This allows for flexibility to complete components of the build later, for example the pool. Breaking up a project size can ensure your build is completed within budget and on time. Architects also ensure more sustainability in the design of your home with better energy-efficient methods and formulas making the design bespoke to the position and style of the residents’ living. It saves time, money and many sleepless nights by working with an architect to put your master plan in place on paper at the start of the build rather than making changes on the ground during a build! 

2020 Trend in Toowoomba Architecture – Hampton’s Style

When you look around Toowoomba, there are a lot of new home builds and renovations! Stephen mentioned to us two main 2020 trends in house construction is the popular Hampton’s design that elaborate with moldings and finishes to vamp up the old Queenslander style house with gable roof buildings. It’s a form of incorporating the minimalist design with many of the older local buildings by using hard lines to create a simplistic style. While this trend can work really well in most applications, Stephen had a warning with this style. 

“It’s important to recognise that simple houses need less to avoid a look of confusion. When building a Hampton style home, the use of different colours and materials is very popular at the moment, but sticking to only three different types helps to ensure the design remains cohesive and appealing to the eye.“

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