Rangeville Renovation

Calibre Custom Homes recently completed a remarkable transformation of an old, tired 80’s style orange brick home in Rangeville, Toowoomba. This renovation and extension project breathed new life into the dated property. The original structure, which once epitomised the aesthetics of its era, has been meticulously reimagined into a bright, modern farmhouse-style abode that seamlessly blends rustic charm with contemporary elegance.

The renovation process was extensive, involving both structural and cosmetic changes to achieve the desired modern farmhouse look. Calibre Custom Homes focused on open-plan living spaces, incorporating large windows, stackable doors and ceiling light wells to maximise natural light and create an airy, inviting atmosphere. The use of light, neutral colours and natural materials throughout the interior has significantly brightened the home and provides a stark contrast to its former dark, enclosed feel. The exterior also received a complete overhaul, with the old brickwork being updated to reflect the home’s new, sophisticated style.

It was such a pleasure to see new life brought to this home renovation in Rangeville – scroll through our gallery to see the “after” and “before” photos >>>


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