2024 sustainable standards home design with ceiling fans and plenty of fresh air

New Home Builds in 2024 – Sustainability Standards & what it looks like in Toowoomba

Starting April 2024,the Australian construction industry is taking a massive leap towards more sustainable new home builds. Let’s break down what this exciting change might mean for planning your new home build right here in Toowoomba.

Living in our lovely “Big Town”, we often enjoy our unique landscapes and ever-changing weather. We’re outdoor enthusiasts, but even when we’re indoors, we love to bring a bit of that outdoor vibe inside. That’s why big windows, plenty of natural light, and a jungle of indoor plants are right up our alley. In case you’ve not heard about it, it’s what we call biophilic design, and it’s all about staying connected to our beautiful country.

Now, from May 2024, all new home builds in Australia will need to meet a sustainability standard of minimum 7-star energy efficiency rating. This move is all about making homes more sustainable and energy-efficient. Sure, dealing with government policies can sometimes be a headache, but behind this new regulation is some sentiment of looking after our hip pockets and our beautiful environment. So, while it might mean a bit of inconvenience and some extra upfront costs for homeowners, think of it as an investment in a brighter, greener future right here in our backyard.

So, what’s in store for new home builders? Let’s dive in!

Optimal House Orientation:

Living in Toowoomba, getting the orientation of your house just right can make all the difference. Like we’ve always said, “no cookie-cutter homes here!”.  We’re talking about aligning your house just right to soak up that sweet sunlight and catch those breezes. It’s reducing the need for heating and cooling systems simply by making the most of what Mother Nature has to offer. Carl and the crew have always been on board with this approach. It’s all about respecting the uniqueness of each block and building homes to suit the land they are on.

Improved Insulation:

Insulation is your home’s best friend, especially with Toowoomba’s ever-changing weather. It’s keeps you cosy in winter and cool in summer. Upgrading your insulation game means less reliance on power-hungry heaters and air conditioners.

Better Window Design:

We’re not just talking about letting in the light; we’re talking about windows that work smarter. Think energy-efficient coatings on windows that keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter. Or double hung windows that aren’t just about style; they’re your ticket to letting in that refreshing breeze throughout the house, even during a downpour on a muggy summer day. Windows coatings, design and placement all play a part in your home getting the best out of your environment.

Ceiling Fans:

Let’s give a shout-out to the unsung heroes – ceiling fans! These bad boys are your ticket to comfort without breaking the bank. They keep the air circulating, keeping things cool and breezy without racking up the electricity bill and they aren’t an expensive outlay to install.

Lighter Coloured Roofs:

It’s time to rethink your roof’s style. Lighter colours aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re practical too. They reflect more heat, keeping things chill inside in the scorching heat. So, while those darker colours might look sleek, it’s worth considering going lighter to keep your home cool and your energy bills down.

Feeling a little unsure where to go in planning your new sustainable home?

While a minimum 7-star energy efficiency rating might seem like a bit of a mountain to climb, Carl and the team are here to help you navigate the journey. Despite the initial hurdles and a bit of extra cash upfront, think of it as an investment in a home that’s comfy, stylish, has cheaper living costs*, but is also kinder to our planet. Let’s keep our beautiful Toowoomba and move towards a brighter, greener future, one home at a time. Cheers to building thoughtful, sustainable communities right here in our backyard! 🌱🏡



*Living costs are cheaper in smarter designed home when compared to living in a home that has been made cookie cutter. Think of a home that has been plonked on the block because someone walked into a display home and simply said “I want this”. No thought into house position, nor sustainable design – simply plonked onto a block. Yup, plonked! 🙂

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