Local Knowledge

How many of your Brisbane mates have driven up the range to visit and bemoaned how cold they were! No jacket? Rookie error – as Toowoomba locals we are used to swings in temperature, cooler evenings, and the perpetual need for a spare layer! 


It’s not just understanding the weather, being local brings a wealth of knowledge and information about the community that is helpful when it comes to building, renovating or extending your home or business premises. Aspect, climate, soil type, rainfall – all play a significant role in determining the best way to build your home to take advantage of what Mother Nature has provided to our beautiful Toowoomba and Darling Downs homes!

Whether it be sheltering from the westerly breezes, avoiding sweltering in the western sun, or enjoying the northern, winter sun rays in the morning, and capturing our cool summer evenings – building a home to suit our unique mountain-top Queensland climate can really be best served by a local.

It’s not just local knowledge that benefits you, but being local means our team steps in and supports our beautiful region and all she has to offer. Calibre Custom Homes are regular, proud supporters of the following local charity events:

  • The Base – Carl and his son have participated in Homeless for a Week Sleepout to help raise funds for the Base Services soup kitchen and services to homelessness in our Toowoomba community
  • Toowoomba Hospital Foundation – we have been sponsors of several Toowoomba Hospital Foundation fundraising Golf Days to raise funds for the cancer-care unit
When you think Toowoomba – think of Calibre Custom Homes. Our aim is to help you build Your Home; Your Way, within Your local Community.

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