From Pinterest Board to Block

Getting your dream home from your Pinterest board onto your actual block of land can seem like a hugely overwhelming task. Just exactly how many square metres should the walk-in wardrobe be? (Pro tip: more than you think). Are solid gold ceiling fans a ‘want’ or a NEED? These are very important questions and to be honest with you there are a lot more of them involved in the house-building process! But don’t despair! The team at Calibre Custom Homes are here to make it a whole lot less daunting and a whole lot more enjoyable for you. So grab a seat, a coffee, and let’s take a look briefly at the first steps for a successful new build.

1.      Have an idea of what type of home you would like, and your budget.

Start looking around at homes in your current (or ideal) area to see what style of home you are drawn to. Would you like a timber home on stumps? A concrete slab? A five-storey mansion? Open up Pinterest and start collecting ideas! At this stage it’s also a good idea to be realistic about the budget. This could be as far as the solid gold ceiling fans make it 🙂

2.      Choose a builder that’s right for you and your style

Do you want to be able to deal directly with the builder who is managing your new home? Do you need a specialty builder? Do you need to know what a specialty builder is? Okay. A specialty builder is one who has a certain niche market. This could be Hampton’s style homes, multi-storey houses, eco-homes, homes on sloped blocks or large properties on acreages. A general builder should have good knowledge and experience of many different types of homes and usually has a large range of standard house plans on offer for you to choose from. Or you might be looking for a custom home builder (like us!) who can create something one of a kind and unique for you! Take the time to consider what type of build will suit you and your family or situation best. 

3.      Land, ahoy!

Looking for land is a great opportunity to take your builder with you. You’ll be able to get solid advice on whether a potential block will suit the style of home you’ve been thinking of. It’s also a great chance to ask your builder if there may be any hidden costs associated with a particular piece of land. You may not have considered the soil type, the location of storm-water or sewer lines, council building requirements or any rules regarding the covenants of the estate.  Your builder will be able to advise you on all of these things and more before you buy!

4.      House design and floor plan.

Many clients already have some idea of their dream floor plan, some have the whole house completely drawn and others aren’t sure at all! It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at – Calibre Custom Homes can help design a home that will suit your budget and your lifestyle.

5.      Quoting and pricing.

A very important stage! You really want to get a full rundown of every inclusion and the building specification so that you can cross reference it with your budget and make any needed adjustments (could the gold ceiling fans be making a comeback??) For more information about the quoting stage, check out our other blog “Why is their quote cheaper?”

6.      Back to the drawing/Pinterest board.

This is a very fun part! (Well, depends who you ask). Choosing all of the paint colours, floor tiles, taps, lights and carpet is a great chance to get back on Google, Houzz or Pinterest. Or you could even go the analogue route and cut up a magazine! Talk to your builder about who their recommended suppliers are. Then go and visit their showrooms and take your vision board with you! They are experts in their field and will help you to achieve the style that you’re after.

7.      Construction.

It’s happening! The actual building part! Now you can sit back and relax and watch your vision come to life. This is also the part where choosing a smaller building firm can really pay off – you get to have their mobile phone number on speed dial! So not only do you have the peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with the same person you’ve spoken to since day one, you’re going to know them so well by now you’ll have no worries calling them up with any questions or concerns. Like, “I think that solid gold ceiling fan needs to go a little more to the left”.

Have questions? Please email or call us on 0413 045 575 – we would love to help you out!

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