Embracing “Intentional Design”

Recently, there has been a shift in home design, away from the mass-produced, carbon-copy products of the past…

Perhaps it is the post Covid-isolation-revelation that made us realise that our homes are ours. They don’t belong to the builder, or the stylist, or the interior designer or the decorator – they belong to us! For too long we have been trying to fill them as quickly as we can with mounds of mass-made material that we have been conditioned to believe that we NEED. 

Furniture, homewares and department stores are filled to bursting with low-cost “fakes”. Knock-off designer chairs, imitation artworks, even the flowers and plants are not real! We have poured in with our dollars and poured out, loaded to the eyeballs, with more poorly made possessions to stuff into our homes.

Now, interior designers are asking us to “slow down” and shift our thinking to instead embrace a new concept – “Intentional Design”.

Suggesting that we take stock of every item we need, and ensure we pair that need with an item we love. Matching the aesthetic with the practical. It is not enough to just own a coffee table. First you ask yourself, do I even USE a coffee table? And if I do find it an invaluable piece of furniture, then is it a coffee table I LOVE to look at each day? Does it bring me joy, not just because it is practical – but because it is pretty?

The concept has taken off around the world, and is not restricted to interior and home designers; creators and philosophers alike have been drawn to the method of intentional design:

“Now nearly everything I own is my favourite thing. All my clothes are my favourite clothes. All my furniture is my favourite furniture. All my possessions are my favourite possessions—all of which I enjoy every day of my life.”

The Minimalists

It’s not about paring back to bare bones, it’s more about curating a home and a space around your unique passions and interests.

This is a design trend that speaks directly to the core of who Calibre Custom Homes is. Our intent is in our name – “custom”. We aspire to build the home you want. Not what is trending, or what everyone else is doing – what you want! Your home ~ Your way. It’s in our DNA! 

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