Easter Home Maintenance

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Taking time off over Easter? Now is a great time to tackle a few of those pesky home maintenance tasks that are often forgotten in the busyness of our everyday lives.

Here are our top tips for small jobs you can smash out in an afternoon – leaving you for more time to sneakily nick an Easter Egg from the kids’ stash!

Clean out your gutters

The Darling Downs often experiences lovely rainfall over the Easter holidays. However, blocked gutters and downpipes can quickly turn all that much longed for rain into water damage if your gutters aren’t in good condition! Take this time to give them a good clean out and inspect for any damage before the wet weather hits – so you won’t have to spend your holiday calling a builder for storm water repairs! Want to know how? See Carl’s simple DIY video here

Clean out your air conditioner filters

With the change of seasons upon us, those Autumn nights can get chilly! Make sure your air conditioner unit is ready to switch from cool to warm, by vacuuming the filters and giving them a good clean. A boring job which will save you money on your energy bill.

Clean out your fireplace

Before the chill of winter hits us, now is the time to clean out your fireplace of ash and debris! Ash can stain carpet, so perhaps consider a professional for cleaning the chimney flue if this is a tricky job for you to manage.

Check your smoke detectors

The rules regarding smoke alarm installation continue to be rolled out. Check your smoke detectors, and if they do not work on test, replace them immediately. When replacing alarms look for interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms, which can either be hardwired or with a 10 year lithium battery. If you need help installing these, give Carl a call!

Check your outdoor furniture and decking

Spend some time cleaning your outdoor furniture and removing cobwebs from your outdoor space.


Now it is time to REALLY enjoy the holidays! So take some time to enjoy a meal alfresco on your lovely clean deck (having hidden the Easter Eggs where the kids can’t reach to earn a few moments of peace and quiet!). There may also be time to enjoy the local happenings – see here for how you can support your local over the Easter break

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