Let’s be clear – the Calibre approach is Your Home ~ Your Way, so while some of us love everything about a new build; from the fresh paint smell to the brand new furniture, others are seeking out a more comfortable, lived in feel. Enter Retro-Chic!

With the resurgence of replica mid-century modern furniture in the retail stores, now is the perfect time to head to your local op-shop or second hand furniture store and find the originals, rather than the knock offs! When combined with the need to be kinder to the planet and embrace a more ethical solution to our mounting landfills, the option to reuse and recycle becomes more attractive – I mean it almost justifies your shopping right?!

So you’ve decided to embrace Retro-Chic and find some pre-loved items for your home. Great! But where to start? Here are our top things to consider when seeking out pre-loved items:

Repair vs Spruce:

Furniture repair is a fun hobby, but can be both time consuming and expensive! You may need specialised tools or skills to bring life back into your latest find, so do your homework first. When choosing your items, look for solid items that need little in the way of repair, but may benefit from a spruce up. Think a lick of paint, switching out handles or hardware, or even just a good wash and a coat of wax.

Cost vs Value:

We’ve all been tempted by a cheap find – whether retail or pre-loved! The trick with retro chic is to stay true to what you love. Are you buying this item simply because it does not cost much? Or, is your purchase motivated by the value this item will bring into your home? Retro chic items do not need to be the cheapest of the items in the store, but they do need to be loved by you and serve a purpose. Otherwise you’ll likely buy it, only to replace it when you realise you hate it, and will just contribute to the same landfill problem you were trying to eliminate in the first instance! Spending a little more on an item you really love, is worth more in value in the long run.

Theme vs Style

When decorating your home, remember to stay true to your style. While you could quickly fill your home with thrifted op-shop finds that suit the Retro chic theme, we recommend taking a moment to check it fits your style. Do you really love the item? Simply stuffing your home to bursting point with items you have squirrelled away from op-shops isn’t a style (unless you want your home to have that junk-yard vibe?!).

Your Home ~ Your Way

Despite all our well intentioned guidelines on styling your home, it’s yours! So lash out, go crazy, fill your wall with a thousand flying ducks sets if that floats your boat! After all, it’s your sanctuary after each day, and a place where you need to feel comfortable – ducks and all.

Your home should be a reflection of what YOU love, not what a bunch of designers say is on-trend! Your Home~Your Way.

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