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Design Principles for your New Build

Have you ever walked into a newly built home and just been blown away with how beautiful it is?

I don’t mean the “picture-perfect-stepford-wives” type feel, but the well curated, obviously loved, stunning design of a newly built home. There are several elements of design that you can incorporate into your new build or renovation that can offer that polished, beautiful, yet still homely feel:

  1. Rhythm – traditionally associated with music, the concept of rhythm in the interior design of a home is similar, in that it is creating patterns of repetition. This can be achieved by using the same colour, textures, or shapes across different areas of your home. For example, similar tiling choices throughout the home can create a visual rhythm due to the repetition of colour, texture and shape. You could also use this concept with a chosen feature colour echoed in decorating items, such as floor rugs, art works and other textiles like window furnishings. Be careful not to be TOO matchy-matchy, or it may feel sterile and impersonal.


  1. Focal point – often a room will present itself with a natural point of interest, such as a view through a window, a fireplace, or even your kitchen island bench! You can choose to enhance this point of interest via placing furniture to ensure the view remains unobstructed, and to emphasise this focal point. For a fireplace, a beautiful art work and some decorative items on the mantel instantly draw your eye to the centre. For a kitchen island bench, some beautiful stools drawn up alongside, and some beautiful pendant light fittings can provide emphasis. 


  1. Symmetry – Our eyes are naturally pleased by even, and symmetrical design. As most new builds are built to similar height and size specifications, manufacturers create doors and windows that come in standard sizes. However this may impact the symmetry of the placement of the window. Particularly in older homes with taller ceilings, longer windows create a better balance between the floor and ceiling, offering a more symmetrical option. 

 These are just some basic concepts to consider when in the planning stages of your build or renovation, and also when you are making your selections with your builder’s suppliers.

When you are trawling Pinterest looking for all those home décor ideas that you want to incorporate into your new home living, while you pour over the plans of your new Toowoomba build, remember to consider these three points – rhythm, focal points and symmetry – and you too can create the designer home of your dreams!

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