Many people compare apples with oranges, then go bananas over the statistics!” Marvin J. Ashton

Building a home has many variables, which is why sourcing quotes and being able to accurately compare them can be difficult. We don’t want you to go bananas! Let us help you look beyond the bottom line and understand what you need to compare within builder’s quotes.

Did you know that why you are building the home can vary the overall quote cost?

You could be building your home for several different reasons, each which can affect your budget. For example, if building your Forever-Home you may desire top-end appliances, with quality finishes and custom details, whereas an Investment Property needs durable items to last through several tenants’ wear and tear. This differs further from a Build-and-Flip style turnover where maximum buyer appeal is desired for minimum budget spend, with profit margins driving every decision.

From the outset, a discussion with your builder about your focus for the project will help direct material choices. For example, the price of tiles can range from a simple white tile at $20/m to beautiful marble tiles at $160/m. The individual tile cost, the way the tile is to be laid, and the floor area to be tiled all affect the quoted cost. With a focus on your “why”, you opt for a durable tiled surface in a high traffic area in an Investment Property, over a carpeted flooring option for warmth and sound absorption for the same area in your Forever-Home. The “why” of the build can guide all the cost choices within your quote! Nail your “why” before you begin!

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