“Many people compare apples with oranges, then go bananas over the statistics!” Marvin J. Ashton

Building a home has many variables, which is why sourcing quotes and being able to accurately compare them can be difficult. We don’t want you to go bananas! Let us help you look beyond the bottom line and understand what you need to compare within builder’s quotes.

Did you know that the cost of your build may depend on the site you are building?

Starting at the very base of your build your foundations; these can differ according to the terrain and soil type. The footings, foundations and structural methods required to ensure a firm foundation, all stem from that all-important site inspection and soil test. An engineer will need to determine the soil type, which involves drilling for samples and laboratory testing, in order to obtain a site classification along with required recommendations for the site. Occasionally this may be supplied by the developer of your block, or may have been supplied with purchase by the agent.

Your builder requires this soil test to accurately gauge the cost of footings, foundations and structural methods. For example, a site on a steep gradient will require different footings to a flat site. And a site with high movement soil type will require different footings to a more stable soil type. Ensure that your builder’s quoted costs accurately reflect this from the outset.

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