“Many people compare apples with oranges, then go bananas over the statistics!” Marvin J. Ashton

Building a home has many variables, which is why sourcing quotes and being able to accurately compare them can be difficult. We don’t want you to go bananas! Let us help you look beyond the bottom line and understand what you need to compare within builder’s quotes.

Did you know not all builders include the same items in their quote?

Toowoomba is renowned for its beautiful red soil; now, imagine the kids and the dog tracking all that beautiful red soil onto your brand-new carpets, because the builder failed to include a driveway, front path or turf in their quote. Ugh, no thanks!

When comparing quotes, make sure you check the inclusions. Look for items that can make a big difference to both the liveability immediately post-build and the overall quote price such as driveways, fencing, letterbox, clothes line, landscaping and turf. Even the budget for a builder’s clean can vary wildly; do you really want to be scrubbing excess grout off your bathtub before you move in? Double check these items when comparing quotes!

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