“Many people compare apples with oranges, then go bananas over the statistics!” Marvin J. Ashton

Building a home has many variables, which is why sourcing quotes and being able to accurately compare them can be difficult. We don’t want you to go bananas! Let us help you look beyond the bottom line and understand what you need to compare within builder’s quotes.

Did you know that some items are pre-selected by your builder according to their quote budget?

Got your eye on a custom light fitting for the lounge room, a country style kitchen sink and tap, or a certain brand of dishwasher? Best check your PC (Prime Cost) items budget in your builder’s quote first! These items are pre-selected based on a quoted allowance, and include items such as lighting, bricks, tap-ware, appliances, towel rails, light switches, and door handles. If you note a large variance across your quote comparisons, check with your builder as to what brands and base models they have chosen for these items. Sometimes a cheaper brand may be more durable, sometimes a more expensive brand has a better warranty. Your builder should be able to give reasons, beyond price, why certain items have been chosen.

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