BUILDING FAQS – How much will it cost to build my home?

As a Custom Home Builder with over 20 years of experience, Carl is often asked this question!


Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, as this question depends on many factors. While some builders offer an average amount/square metre, they often keep the amount low to try to win you over with a cheaper initial quote! This is because many builders offer a standard package, which includes their choice of fixtures, fitting and finishes, and many things you may consider essential to your build are classed as up-sold, optional extras such as:

  • modifying the plan for the size and shape of your house block
  • footings and engineering required due to your soil type
  • design values: if you want eco friendly, low maintenance, easy to clean, architectural creativity, these options would cost more
  • ceiling heights – vaulted ceilings, skylights, exposed beams, all would cost more
  • Fixtures, fittings, appliances and floor coverings – you may be limited for choice to their standard supplier options and styles
  • internal or external garages – may be left off the quote
  • extras such as swimming pools, outdoor areas, paths and driveways are often excluded.

In our experience, off-the-shelf, cookie cutter quotes are for homes that are  built to benefit the builder’s bottom line, and do not focus on the way you live.  At Calibre Custom Homes we are committed to helping you achieve YOUR HOME ~ YOUR WAY.

When looking for building quotes, be sure to ask detailed questions including:

  • How much flexibility is there for choosing my preferred lighting, flooring, and appliance options?
  • How much flexibility is there for changing the floor plan to suit my block/soil type/lifestyle?
  • Can I alter the plan to remove items I don’t want?
  • Can I alter the plan to add items I DO want?
  • Does the cost include landscaping – paths, letterboxes, driveways, garden edging?
  • Are retaining walls and engineering costs included in the quote?

While you obviously need to keep an eye on your budget; don’t get caught in the up-sell, add-on mindset of cookie cutter builders! Be sure to pepper your builder with questions to make sure they are including what you want and need in your build. Building your home is a long-term investment so it is worth the time and energy spent on doing extensive research.

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