A custom home builder in Toowoomba and surrounds for over 20 years, Carl uses his expert knowledge to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about building….

How much does a house cost per square metre?

This question depends on many factors.

The old, out-dated rule of average $1000/square metre is usually an answer given to win someone over on an initial quote. Unfortunately, if a builder is giving you this figure, it often means there’s an up-sell on the horizon – our advice? BEWARE!

While there are some houses that may be about this cost, most homes (and rightly so) are custom built according to

  • The block and the house footings

  • The family size and lifestyle,

  • Design values (for eg – if you prefer a more eco-friendly design, or a low maintenance, easy-to-clean design, something more architecturally creative…. the list is long!)

  • Ceiling height

  • Floor Coverings

  • Internal or external garage

  • Extras like a pool or outdoor area

  • How many open plan areas

  • How many bathrooms/walk-in robes

  • How many areas need to have plumbing

So while you might think you can easily get a general “ball park figure” from your builder, please proceed with caution! There is a chance you’ve been given a figure which is much smaller than the end result. Give your builder as much detail as possible, then see how close to $1000/square metre the quote is….

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