“Should we sell up and build new, or renovate or extend? How do we know what will work best?” 

The Darling Downs is full of cute-as-a-button “character” homes. Real estate agents describe them as “Classic Toowoomba Gables”, “Workers Cottages” or “Post-War Chamfer on Brick”. They are often filled with extraordinary features like high ceilings, ornate plaster work, and beautiful timber floors. They also have their drawbacks; one bathroom, one (or no) car accommodation, draughty windows, and ZERO storage! There are options when your lifestyle no longer fits your home.

As mentioned above you can:

1)      build;

2)      renovate; or

3)      extend.

How to choose what suits you best? There is no one-size-fits-all, no average cookie-cutter answer. There are several considerations to sort through when looking at this choice.

Our number one consideration may be short and sweet but no less important. In fact, it is so important, we gave it the number one spot!


Building, renovating, or extending are all BIG life choices with BIG price tags. We’ll give you some considerations to chew through, but don’t rush the process. We’re not talking about a latte here… so take your time on this one. Sit back and take some time to ponder and work through the considerations with all members of your family. Check in with all interested parties; like your bank, your accountant, your builder, before you make ANY financial decisions. Do your homework

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