2022 Style Guide – Home Styling

Styling your beautiful new home?

We all know fashion is cyclical, with trends falling out of favour only to return and be touted as the next new thing (scrunchies anyone?!). However, this phenomenon isn’t limited to the clothing industry, with cyclical trends also appearing in homewares, interior design and architecture. For example, think of natural materials like stacked stone (the type of material you may have seen lurking in the background of The Brady Bunch house!). This material has enjoyed a resurgence in favour in 2022, appearing across multiple interior and exterior building designs.

Many of us are left wondering, how can we embrace a stylish, beautiful home without signing up to something that will eventually cycle out of fashion? Permanent styling choices which may rapidly date can be costly to renovate or replace.

What if there was an alternative? Can you embrace your creative side in your home without the permanence of building trends? We have the solution! Something you can easily switch out without impact to the structure of your home, and therefore your wallet. This season we are seeing a return to beautiful napery and tableware; think napkins, tablecloths, and beautiful crockery and cutlery. It aligns with the need to connect with our family and loved ones across a meal, and to enjoy the simplicity of slowing down and appreciating our surroundings.

Once you have your chosen colour palette, start with your tablecloth. This anchors the whole tablescape, so choose something you adore! Next, layer with placemats or place holders – these can be round, rectangular, square or table runners run across the table under the placings. From here choose your crockery, cutlery and glassware. You could consider bold clashing patterns, or the simplicity of neutral, coordinating tones. Finally your napkins, these don’t have to be boring! There are currently beautiful floral fabrics just bursting to make it table-side. Finally pop in a beautiful floral centrepiece and “Voila!”, a tablescape fit for royalty.

Beautiful, stylish, and on trend without the need to renovate to change it up!

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