2022 Style Guide – Biophilic Design

There is no doubt that living through a pandemic, and witnessing the rapid changes to the world around us over the past two years, has altered the way we interact with work, home and play. Our lounge room became our office, our kitchen table our school-room, our backyard our play-space. The necessity to be indoors and hunkered down left us longing for time outside. 
Architectural design in 2022 is recognising that the lines between the zones in our home have become blurred. The recommendation to slow down and settle in, left us looking for ways to nurture our mental and physical health. One of the ways we can do this is by bringing the outside in, which helps us mentally connect our space to nature while we are indoors; whether at work, rest or play. This is the basis of Biophilic Design.
Biophilic Design in architecture uses natural light, fresh air, and natural materials. You may see more timber, stone or even rattan. It also uses colours found in nature like rust-reds and many shades of green. In styling, biophilic design presents with the obvious use of indoor plants, and fresh flowers. Suffering from chronic black thumbs? Never fear! Studies have shown that images of flowers and nature offer the same effect, bringing a sense of calm and peace to the space. Prints of nature can be used in cushions, patterns, wall hangings, bed linen and wallpaper. Looking for a way to benefit from nature? Try these tips:
  1. Consider introducing timber into your build, balustrades, bench tops, flooring – remember there are also many wood-look products that offer the feel of beautiful timber, without the upkeep and maintenance
  2. Choose your colour palette; perhaps sage greens, crisp white, offset by blonde timber. Or for a warmer palette think of the tones of autumn, with rust red, deep teal and khaki. 
  3. Consider the use of rattan and wicker, whether in baskets or in furniture – adds a warmth and natural feel
  4. Pops of colour can be added with fresh flowers or with a fresh wall hanging or print, or even a bowl of fruit on the bench.
Make some changes in your space today and benefit from the beauty of nature!

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